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 Frenchtown Records Repairs Speakers & Clocks

With over 60 working vintage clocks in our inventory and dozens of speakers and turntables in our showrooms,  we are quickly becoming the go to place in St. Louis to buy or service a vintage clocks, speakers & turntables. 


Fast, Affordable Clock Repairs

Are you tired of looking at that old clock on your wall that hasn't worked in years? Well, why not bring it to Frenchtown Records, Antiques & More. We can service or repair it, and give it new life again! 

You'll love our affordable rates and quality service. 




Fast, Affordable Speaker & Turntable Repairs 

Oh my! Look at what you did!


Your wife told you to turn down that Led Zeppelin LP you were listening to, but you didn't listen. Now, your speakers are busted.


Don't panic, we can help. 

From blown woofers to destroyed tweeters, we can get those speakers up and running again, sounding as good as new!


We can also repair and restore your vintage turntable! 

Bill Huber, aka "The Repair da Vinci," has decades of experience and a national reputation for his amazing work. 



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