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Welcome to
Record Store Day
Black Friday 2023

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Rows Of Records
Concrete Wall

Frenchtown Records 

Here are all the details you will need to know for the big day. 

On Friday November 24th 2023 our doors will open at 8am. Those who arrive early can take a number starting at 6am but must remain on sight. Customers will be served on a first come, first serve basis. 

* No records will be held or sold in advance. 

* RSD Black Friday LPs will be limited to one copy of each title per family. This restriction will be lifted at 12 noon. 

* Frenchtown Records will have a large selection of RSD-Black Friday titles on hand. 

* All "Vintage Vinyl" will be on sale.  

* We take Debit, Credit, Venmo, Pay Pal, & Cash App.

* Entertainment, Food & Drinks will be available.   

* Door Prizes will be given away every 15-30 min.

* Enter to win prises

For questions e-mail: 

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