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Frenchtown Records, Antiques & More. 
Feeling Frenchy 

Frenchtown Records Antiques & More can't easily be described, it has to be experienced. Located in the heart of the historic "Old Frenchtown" neighborhood, which encompasses Soulard, Lafayette Square and LaSalle Park in Saint Louis. This is more than a retail store, it's an eclectic, fanciful, and musical trip through time. With a constantly changing inventory you just never know what you'll find there. But most certainly, it will be amazing.  

The Owners

David and Christine Boykin are the owners of Frenchtown Records, Antiques and More, LLC. Inspired by their love of music and antiques, they created a truly unique retail  experience. The rules say you have to be an antique store, or a record store, you can't be both. Well, they have never been good at following the rules, and you'll be glad they aren't! 

Frenchtown Records, Antiques & More

941 Park Ave

St. Louis, MO 63104

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