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A little bit of this, a little bit of that. 
Records, CDs & Tapes
Record Piles

We're a small record store, so unlike most, we work hard to keep our inventory crisp and relevant. That way you'll find the things you want without looking through mountains of junk. How do we get the good stuff? Easy, we pay more for it so collectors prefer to sell to us. Another thing that separates us from our competition is that we don't sell online. That means more great things to discover without competing against collectors in other states. Smart collectors make us their go-to place for records and CDs. 

Vintage Lighting & Chandeliers
Image by Sophie Louisnard

Please, don't overpay for that antique lighting somewhere else. Put some of that money back in your wallet and come see us. We've got you covered. The chandelier whisperer has mountains of inventory to select from and some of the most amazing and breathtaking fixtures you've ever seen. Many at 60% or more off their original retail price.  

Antiques, Jewelry, Vintage Lighting, Fine Art & More
Image by Christelle BOURGEOIS

Come browse through a large personally curated collection of antiques and curiosities. Our inventory consists of Fine Art, Sculptures, Vintage Lighting, Jewelry, Watches, Fine Porcelain and Glassware, Vintage Toys, Primitives, Smalls, and St. Louis's largest assortment of Hummels. 

The home of the Chandelier Whisperer

Did you know that Frenchtown Records, Antiques & More is the home of the Chandelier Whisperer? Come meet the celebrity herself, Christine. However, no autographs please, she's a little shy.  

Vintage Audio

McIntosh, Marantz, Klipsch, Pioneer. Need I say more? Yes, we have an ever evolving collection of the very best vintage audio. Priced affordably. 


Feel free to come browse but be aware that Vintage Audio is demonstrated by appointment only.  

Jewelry - Vintage & New
Jewelry Box Closeup

Ok, so you say you love jewelry. Well, we've got you covered! Are you are tired of buying the same boring jewelry that everyone else is wearing? Why not try vintage? What we love about vintage jewelry is that it's been around, and I do mean around. It's seen love and heartbreak, good times and bad. It's been to movie premieres and weddings, formal galas and quiet nights out with old friends. It's traveled the world and lived through some of the greatest decades in history. I guess,.... it's a little like you, and it's not done telling it's story yet. 

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